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Our services

Experience in .NET, Azure, C#, Angular and many other technologies. These are the foundation of the following services we offer.

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Cloud development

Cloud computing is computing based on the internet. Flexibility, increased collaboration, working from anywhere and document control are some of the many advantages of using cloud technologies.

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Our mobile automotive solution removes the paper trail and improves productivity. It enables automotive experts to perform a full car check: it gathers the specifications of the vehicle, allows the user to take or add pictures and register damages.

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Custom solutions & consultancy

Are there no retail packages that serve your business' requirements? We are experts in developing tailor-made business applications from scratch or can advice you along the way.

Some of our clients

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Hödlmayr Logistics Belgium N.V.

For Hödlmayr we deployed a mobile application and an administrative web portal to support their automotive business.

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time-tech developed an engine to schedule everything within a school like classes, rooms, teachers, ... refactor built a desktop application around this engine. More information: http://time-tech.be/mondriaan/

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ginkgo consulting

Change management is their business and refactor created a cloud application to support this. The data that the application generates is used by ginkgo consulting to expose weaknesses within a company and act occordingly.